The Cloud 9 Experience: 3 Reasons to Get a Day of Rejuvenation at Exhale Spa

Hi lovelies,

If there's one thing that I truly believe in, it's taking the time to celebrate life and to celebrate your self. We're all super busy heading from one meeting to the next, ticking off many of our 'to-dos' from our lists, and just rushing through life. 

I think it's time to stop and smell the roses, and take a few hours to pamper your self and unplug from over-connected-always-on-the-go lives. That's why I opted for The Cloud 9 Experience of a Day of Rejuvenation at the Exhale Spa, located in Santa Monica, CA, as a way to reset, restore, and rejuvenate. 

The Day of Rejuvenation includes a complete spa package that featured a relaxing and healing 60-minute Swedish massage, a refreshing and cleansing 60-minute true facial, and a pampering pure manicure and pedicure. 

See below for my top three reasons why you should treat yourself to the ultimate Cloud 9 Experience and take a day to celebrate your self with a Day of Rejuvenation.

3 Reasons to Get a Day of Rejuvenation at Exhale Spa

Loving this plush robe at the Exhale Spa in the Fairmount Hotel! 

Reason #1: You deserve it. 
The day of rejuvenation wasn't only about getting facials and my nails done, but it was about taking the time to truly take care of myself. While at the spa, I left other people take care of me, and the friendly staff couldn't have done a better job. In my day-to-day life, I'm taking care of my clients, being a loyal friend, a trusted sister, and a diligent daughter, but at the spa, I just got to be me and have my needs met. 

We all work super hard at taking care of our families, friends, clients, and careers. It's time to allow someone else to take care of us for a change. We deserve.

Reason #2: You get personalized attention and guidance
During my massage, my masseuse noticed that I was super tense across my chest and upper back. She was super friendly and kind and asked me about my lifestyle. After we spoke, I realized that I hadn't been stretching properly after my workouts and she told me to start stretching after my workouts when my muscles are warm. I've started taking her advice and I've already noticed a huge change in my muscles. She took the time to talk to me about my life and then provide personalized guidance on how to improve and take better care of myself. 

I had the same experience with the wonderful woman who gave me my facial. She noticed that I had really good skin but had breakouts in a few spots and suggested that I add a scrub to my skincare routine. This was the magic advice that I'd been missing. I started using a daily exfoliant and a weekly deep scrub and my skin has cleared up and smoothed out. 

Reason #3: You're able to unleash your inner creativity. 
I left my day of rejuvenation feeling absolutely relaxed and re-inspired. As a creative professional, I sometimes hit creative and inspiration roadblocks and just feel depleted. Taking the time to unplug and just let go, allowed my creative juices to flow. Some times taking a break and stepping away from work, allows you to see your world, experiences, and creative endeavors in a new light. 

So if you're ready to start celebrating your self and taking the time to take care of your self, then book your Cloud 9 Experience: Day of Rejuvenation, here.

The full scoop on your Day of Rejuvenation:
Your massage combines the best of therapeutic massage practices from around the world. This therapy uses specific rhythmic massage movements and potent herbal and aromatherapy oils to enhance the therapeutic effect. Choose from an uplifting, detoxifying or relaxing blend.

Enliven your skin with a customized facial appropriate for all skin types. A layer of a most coveted mushroom enzyme mask is used to lift away dull, tired skin and reveal a fresher, brighter version of you! Trust that all of your needs will be thoroughly addressed in this 1 hour facial - a true transformation.

Calm and soothe dry skin, leaving your skin youthful and firm with this luxurious manicure and pedicure. You'll begin with soaking your hands in a blend of Italian mandarin and ginger that will soften and soothe dry cuticles, followed by a gentle buffing with micro-algae and ginger essence. Organic ginger infused lotion will be used to massage away stress, followed by a rejuvenating light ginger mist. Finally, choose your shade of polish to accentuate your radiant hands.

For your pedicure, you will choose your aromatherapy choice from energizing eucalyptus, meditative frankincense, warming ginger, and calming geranium. Your feet will be fully exfoliated with an organic lavender scrub and then slathered in a moisturizing organic ginger mask while wrapped in hot towels. Your heels will receive extra pampering with an all natural callus remover and organic heel balm before selecting your shade of polish to top off your glowing feet.