Change your style with the Chamelyo Skirt

Hi lovelies,

I love to change my look, from jet black hair to ombre, from downtown chic to uptown glam, and from casually cool to dressed to the nines.

So why not change the look of my skirt just as easily? That's why I love the new innovative designs behind Chamelyo, the first color changing skirt that you don't have to undress to see it's fashionable chameleon magic.

Watch the full fashion scoop on the Chamelo skirt below:

The world's first Color Changing Skirt

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Posted by Chamelyo on Friday, November 20, 2015

I get two skits in one, that I can mix-and-match with any look or style. All I have to do is undo the velcro or buttons and swap it out for the updated color, it's as easy as that. You can even spin or give yourself a fun twirl while changing up your look.

To get the more info on the Chamelyo skirt and how you can get yours, check out their KickStarter page here.

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