Celebrate awards season and Hollywood's biggest night with colorful and fun M&M’s

Hi lovelies,

As you all know, awards season is one of my most favorite times of the year.

But what I love even more than dressing up for the after parties, watching all of the movies and television shows that are up for awards, and making bets with my friends about who will go home with the gold this year, I love treating myself to yummy M&M's.

It's a fun, colorful, and delicious treat during award season and while watching my favorite nominees, movies, and shows on-screen. I add them to my sugar cookies, brownies, and sprinkle them on my ice cream

One of my favorite ways to incorporate my yummy M&M's into my awards season décor is to place them in a clear vase next to candles as the centerpiece, so my friends and I can easily snack on them while getting ready for the red carpet or catching up on the latest movie or TV show. I also have a bronze-gold sequined wall that works perfectly behind my vase of M&M's. I either fill the vase with M&M’S Milk Chocolate, M&M’S Peanut, M&M’S Crispy, or a combination of all three.

My yummy M&M's offer comfort when there are sad scenes in a movie and they sweeten the comic relief during the funny scenes. I'm not a huge fan of scary movies but when I do watch them, I like to bundle up with a comfy blanket on the couch, some hot cocoa, buttery popcorn, and a bowl of peanut M&M's. Enjoying their colorful candy shells and tasty flavors makes watching any scene or special occasion even sweeter.

M&M's is also getting in on the awards season act with by debuting a national commercial on Hollywood's biggest night with M&M's characters taking over the movies.

I'm always on the hunt for new recipes and ways to enjoy M&M's, so please comment below or share your tips and tricks with us on Twitter - @CandyWashington and @MMsChocolate.

Other fun tips includes Red's words of red carpet wisdom! Below are some tweetable quotes from Red:

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Red carpet tip: always travel with an entourage. That’s why I bring @MMSChocolate & @MMS everywhere. #Oscars #Ad

Happy awards season!

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.