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Bold Brows with the Chella Brow Color Kit

Hi lovelies,

My beauty secret weapon is rocking a bold brow. It really makes your eyes pop and frames your face whether you're going for an all-natural look or an smokey eye. Luckily for me, I have the Chella Brow Color Kit by my side to make sure my brows are always flawless and on fleek. 

Chella_Brow_Bold_Candy Washington_beauty.PNG

The kit includes: Eyebrow Color pencil, Highlighter pencil, Brow Defining Gel, Dual pencil sharpener, and brow shaping guide. 

More on the Chella Brow Color Kit:
The Chella Brow Color Kit comes equip with a color defining brow pencil, brow gel to hold them in place even on the windiest day and highlighter pencil to make a good contour – Kim K contouring lesson with Chella? If you’re looking to venture for a whole new look, invest in the Chella Tool Kit for the full transformation with scissors, tweezers and a razor comb, that will hold nicely in a safe tool case.

Chella is all about making statements for those of us brave enough to keep our brows natural and fighting between Cara D and Lily Collins. The Chella Collection is also perfect for those of us that give our brows some more attention to make sure they don’t ever get out of place.

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