Celebs Celebrate The Bloom Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Presented by Neocell

Hi lovelies,

This weekend celebrities, influencers, and other special guests turned out for a truly happy and holistic Bloom Summit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, presented by Neocell with New Bloom Media. 

The Health and Happiness Scoop: Bloom Summit is a wellness and beauty retreat for celebrities, influencers and guests. Our aim was to provide a day for our guests to immerse themselves in wellness education, pampering, and interacting with brands that help to sustain a wholesome non-toxic lifestyle.  Guests had a sneak peek into some of the latest innovative products yet to hit the market.  On top of inspiring lectures, seminars and, demonstrations from renowned experts in the medical field, nutritionists, beauticians, there were interactive activities like b-12 shots, massage, manicures, DIY scrubs, sampling, and more!

Lisa Ling attends the Bloom Summit presented by Neocell by New Bloom Media at The Beverly Hilton


Ali Landry showed off some skin while showing love to Just Thrive at Neocell presents Bloom Summit by New Bloom Media at The Beverly Hilton over the weekend.

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Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Bloom Summit