Before & After: How to create the picture perfect art gallery wall with Fracture

Hi lovelies,

It's super hot here in L.A. and the dog days of summer are officially upon us. Every time I step outside, I immediately feel like I'm melting and all I want to do is turn around and retreat inside my West Hollywood apartment, watching all things Bravo with an Arnold Palmer, and my AC cranked to high.

But if you're like me, you can start feel to guilty about how many 'Netflix and Chill' hours you've been racking up on your couch and how you should be partaking in more cultural activities like hitting up the latest art exhibit at The Broad Museum. But as soon as I think I'm brave enough to go outside into the heatwave, I'm reminded that getting off of the waiting list for The Broad is almost comparable to scoring tickets to Hamilton - nearly impossible. 

Back inside the cool comfort of my apartment, I decided to get creative by bringing the art to me and updating the art gallery wall in my apartment. It would give me a creative outlet, art to admire on a daily basis, and an excuse to have people over to my AC-pumping apartment to admire my new art gallery wall.

Luckily for me, I have Fracture to be my art-partner-in-crime when it comes to my D.I.Y art gallery wall home décor adventure. Fracture prints your personal photos or photos from their ArtStore onto glass to create a vidid and beautiful piece of art. The captivating glass-photos are easily mountable and the come ready to-go. 

What I like most about Fracture is its vision,“To make printing as customized and personal as the pictures themselves and to make decorating as easy and exciting as taking the picture.” Since Fracture makes the D.I.Y project so simple and easy, you can definitely count me in for a fun summer project that taps into my creativity in an easy way.

And the best part? I can do it all from the comfort of my own apartment without breaking a sweat. 

See below for my step-by-step guide to revamping my art gallery wall with Fracture.


STEP 1: Choose a theme and create a mood board

Pick a theme for your art gallery, whether you want to use your own photos, someone else's photography, or the photography available on Fracture's free ArtStore, it's best start with a vision of what you want your art gallery to look like.

I opted to use the photography in Fracture's ArtStore as a way to support independent artists and the photos were so beautiful that it was hard to pick which ones to use.

I love using Pinterest to find images, pictures, and photos for inspiration to create mood boards for the vision I have for my creative and DIY projects.

Check out my mood board below for my new Fracture Art Gallery Wall.

STEP 2: Sign-up at Fracture and submit your photos

Signing up at Fracture is free, quick, and easy. Just create your account, upload the photos you want printed, pick and choose the sizes you want, and then check out. Within a few days your beautiful glass-photos will be delivered to your doorstep.

STEP 3: Mount your Fracture Glass-photos

Be sure to have an outline of where you want to place your photos on your wall.

And then simply follow the easy instructions for mounting.

#1: Lift the glass-photo from its cardboard protection.

#2: Screw in the nail that is included.

#3: Mount your glass-photo on the wall by placing the opening on the back of the glass-photo over the nail.


Let us know what you think about the new art gallery and what your D.I.Y. and home décor goals are @FractureMe and @CandyWashington.

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