The Beauty Girl's Secret to Radiant Skin (Psst... it's boscia)

Hi lovelies,

When I lived in New York City, I rarely had any issues with my skin, but once I made the big move to L.A., a few years ago, I noticed that my skin was way more irritable and prone to break-outs.

Since my skin was breaking out, I thought that I needed to dry it out, but it was actually the opposite. I needed to moisturize and hydrate even more because my skin was breaking out because it was producing too much oil due to the change to a much drier climate.

So the trick was to keep my skin extra hydrated and moisturized, not dried out, because this would make my skin return back to its natural state of producing a healthy amount of oil.

Once my skin started producing my natural amount of oil again, my break-outs went away because my pores were no longer clogged with excess oil and usual healthy glow was back. 

However, it's been journey to finding the right moisture that wouldn't leave my skin feeling and looking oily or mess up my make-up, but was still effective enough to heal my dry skin and prevent break-outs.

So luckily for me, and for anyone looking for smooth, clean, and radiant skin, there's the new boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer.

The Beauty Scoop on boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer
"This ultra-lightweight moisturizer is formulated with the exquisite “Queen of the Night” cactus succulent; a rare ingredient hailed for its ability to thrive in harsh dry climates that gives thirsty skin a sip of hydration. Designed for oily and combination skin, this fast-absorbing formula gives an intense burst of moisture without the weight of a heavy cream. The peptide packed formula helps revitalize the skin to keep it looking and feeling soft, smooth and supple. Infused with South African Resurrection Plant infusion, this formula will aide in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to provide an instant youthfulness to skin."

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Read on below for all of the ways to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing with boscia



A moisturizer fit for a queen! This ultra-lightweight moisturizer gives thirsty skin a sip of hydration courtesy of The Queen of Night Cactus, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple. This fast-absorbing solution for combination to oily skin helps improve moisture levels without the weight of a heavy cream. Perfect for priming and perfecting the skin prior to makeup application.

Key ingredients: Queen of the Night Cactus, Aloe Vera, South African Resurrection Plant Infusion



An innovative and powerful mineral-rich mask infused with Activated Charcoal that helps control oil and reduce the look of pores to reveal a brighter, blackhead banished complexion! The original black mask and reigning fan favorite, Luminizing Black Mask is a peel-off mask powerhouse that unveils a post-peel, pore-less glow worth sharing. 

Key ingredients: Charcoal Powder, Honeysuckle, Jojoba Seed



A nourishing antioxidant treatment mask designed to protect, purify and balance skin while diminishing the appearance of redness while improving skin tone and texture. Like a juice cleanse for the skin, this vitamin rich treatment helps to recharge and reset the skin while also protecting from free radical damage to minimize the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles to help skin look visibly younger over time.

Key ingredients: Matcha Green Tea, Willowherb, Jojoba Seed



A highly concentrated spot treatment that minimizes the appearance of blemishes, draws out imperfections and help reduce the appearance of irritation. This treatment contains long-term benefits that help prevent future blemishes

Key Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Salicylic Acid, Willowherb

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