Inside my Holiday Beauty and Style BabbleBoxx: Jessica Simpson, Makeup Forever, Laqa & Co., and WayTooTan

Hi lovelies,

It's that magical time of the year, Starbucks has broken out their official red cups for the holiday season and I'm sipping on a skinny peppermint mocha latte with whip as I write this. It's also that time of the year where you can wear tights as pants with the tall boots, a light sweater, and a chunky scarf, and you're good-to-go for the day.

But what's make this time of the year even more special and magical is the release of the very first BabbleBoxx. When mine arrived, I eagerly ripped it open like when I was a little girl, still in my pajamas, and it was Christmas morning and I got to open my presents first. 

Once I peeked inside, I wasn't disappointed and I couldn't wait to try out my new fashion and beauty finds. Check out below for what was in inside my BabbleBoxx featuring Jessica Simpson's new fragrance, Ten, foundation and make-up primer by Makeup Forever, cheeky lip color from Laqa & Co., and multi-purpose tanning lotions from WayTooTan.

Jessica Simpson TEN: Fun, flirty, and bohemian scent

For the tenth anniversary of Jessica Simpson's burgeoning fashion, style, and beauty brand, she created a fruity, feminine, floral, yet fierce new fragrance, properly named, TEN.

From a design perspective, the shape of the bottle encapsulates the free-spirited sensibility of the brand with a singular feather wrapped around the top for an added sleek and modern look.

My favorite aspect of the new fragrance is that it goes on light but remains with me throughout the day and is still heavy enough for the cooler fall and winter months. 

Want a complimentary signature tote bag from Jessica Simpson's fashion line? 

You can get yours with the purchase of any large spray ($59.00-$67.00) from the Jessica Simpson fragrance collection at Macy's.

You can purchase one here at Macy's and here at Jessica Simpson's site.

Laqa & Co.: Be cheeky and give some beautiful lip service

Looking and feeling beautiful while giving back has never been easier with Laqa & Co.

The socially conscious cosmetic beauty brand delicately packages its products in artwork that's designed by emerging artists and they receive a portion of the proceeds from every product purchased. 

My new beauty finds included my new go-to Lip Lube in Golly Gee Whiz that also acts as a lip plumper and gives my lip a subtle added glow and features a hint of mint.

For a less glossy look, I can use the Cheeky Lip Pencils in Humble Brag and Mixed Tape, that can double as both a lip and cheek stain for an all-day dewy glow. 

Head over to Laqa & Co. here and get an exclusive holiday offer of 30% discount in November using code: HOLIDAYLOVE.  

Makeup Forever: Get the look on and off camera

My BabbleBoxx arrived just in time because I had literally ran out of my foundation the day before. Luckily for me, Makeup Forever, which comes in 40 different shades, has my perfect shade in Y455.

First, I cleanse my skin and then apply a thin layer of moisturizer followed by Makeup Forever's makeup primer. Then I use a clean makeup applicator sponge to apply my Makeup Forever foundation all over my face and then lightly taping and applying a bit more to any problem area that needs a little extra love. 

The foundation gives me an all-natural, almost invisible look which is super important to me since I'm frequently on-camera. The foundation's Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is specifically designed for the film and TV industry's hypersensitive technology, which is ideal for looking and feeling my best both on and off camera.

Pro beauty tip from Makeup Forever: Apply skin primer to create the perfect canvas for smoother, more even, and longer-lasting makeup. Next, apply two pumps of Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in thin layers, starting in the center of the face and stretching outward. Use a flat foundation brush, tap where you need most coverage, and stretch to smooth.

Watch this video for application tips by skin type: 

WayTooTan: Get a healthy sunless glow

Just in time for the holiday season, I received the WayTooTan multi-purpose tanning lotion in my BabbleBoxx.

Since I don't personally tan, it's my perfect re-gifting secret weapon.

I plan to give it to my best friend who can use it by the beach or pool while sipping on Mai Tais or when we are hanging out inside she can still get her tan on as a sunless tanner. 

My bestie will happily experience a smooth, silky, and luxurious skin while getting a safe deep tan from the best self-tanner and a youthful glow. 

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