Angry Birds Makes For A Feel Good Movie

Hi lovelies,

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Angry Birds movie premiere here in Los Angeles, CA. The experience went above and beyond of just screening the movie, as the star-studded red carpet included carnival games, real life birds and animals, and life-sized versions of Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

The movie was feel good all around and I was laughing from beginning to end along with the rest of the audience. What I loved most is that the message of the movie, that all emotions are okay and natural to have, even anger, as long as we are in control of them and use them for good, wasn't delivered in a cheesy way, but in a hilarious and relatable way.

I found myself immersed in the fun, vibrant, and cheerful world of the Angry Birds and even found moments of when I've acted like Red in my own life. I'm allowed to get angry when I have to repeat that I want a skinny, iced cappuccino, with double foam, and a shot of sugar-free hazelnut syrup, at Starbucks right? Kidding aside, what I truly loved about Red's character is that he never gave up and was tenacious during his journey to becoming a hero.

Another gem and key takeaway from the animated movie, is that we must first believe and have faith in ourselves. Even though the birds were flightless, they were still able "to fly" by any means necessary, i.e. a sling slot, in order to take back what's theirs. I also loved it when the Mighty Eagle made this point after his eccentric and whacky shenanigans.

My verdict? Angry Birds is a delight and is sure to make all members of the family laugh, feel good, and most of all, want to take flight. So head over to the theaters on May 20th to go see Angry Birds.