30 Days with Kura Nutrition: 3 Lessons Learned

Hi lovelies,

It's been a month since I started my personal journey with Kura Nutrition and I couldn't feel more happy, healthy, and whole. During my time of personal reflection, upping my gym game, and nourishing my body with fresh fruits, veggies, and Kura protein powder, I learned and rediscovered three crucial lessons to living a confident and fierce life from the inside out and I hope you all find value and inspiration in them as well. 

Lesson #1: Decide. Commit. Repeat. 

Once I decided to start my day from a place of power with Kura Nutrition and then incorporate the additional elements of working out, meditating, and keeping a journal, I then decided to commit to this routine.

It was through deciding to become a better version of myself, committing to my routine, and then repeating it on a daily basis, did I truly begin to see and feel an authentic transformation. It didn't happen over night, but day after day, I started to feel healthier and happier, but what really surprised me the most, is that it got easier and easier as the days went one. Week two was easier that week one, and so on.

Deciding to take care of myself empowered me, committing to it made it a habit, and repeating it gave me long-lasting results. 

Lesson #2: Nobody's perfect. 

Even with my plan in place and committed mind, there were days when I just didn't feel like working out or I wanted to cheat and eat some Taco Bell. What I learned was to not beat myself up for being human. We all have cravings, off days, and just want to Netflix and chill with a bowl of ice cream from time to time. 

When I truly embraced the fact that nobody's perfect and there is no "perfect plan" I was able to enjoy my journey a lot more and just let go of trying to seek perfection. Instead, I started to seek fun by creating mini goals for myself and then I was able to celebrate my accomplishments one milestone at a time. 

Lesson #3:  Don't forget to change it up.

One thing I really loved during the past month was discovering new recipes using Kura's Vanilla, Berry, and Chocolate protein powders. I would usually just add in some vanilla almond milk, whip it up, and call it a day, but I decided to stretch myself and create new recipes and incorporate fresh strawberries, peaches, and blackberries. 

I also loved switching up my exercise routine. I love running and started running a new path that incorporated more hills and more residential streets. The change added an extra challenge for my body and the new scenery of the residential streets with trees, less people, and less traffic added a more serene and peaceful experience for my mind.

So when things get stagnant and you get a rut, just switch things up and try something new to get your groove back!

Let me know how your journey has been to getting happy, healthy, and whole!

In case you  missed it, don't forget to check out the video above for five ways to get happy, healthy, and whole in five days with Kura Nutrition at the core of how to be the best version of your self.