3 Ways to End Summer In Style Featuring Courtney Allegra Swim

Hi lovelies,

Even though Los Angeles is the land of endless sun, sand, heat waves, and being beach-body ready 365 days of the year, the true summer season is quickly coming to an end. But worry not my summer lovers, I have 3 fun and easy ways to end summer in style and usher in the fall with effortless ease.

#1: Treat yourself to new beach and poolside outfits

My go-to for a quick feel good is retail therapy of course. So while I'm soaking up the sun on the beach or sipping Mai Tai's by the pool, I want to look stylish and chic while doing it. That's why I love wearing the Australia Top paired with the Miami Bottom, both in Bronzer by Courtney Allegra Swim. 

So end your summer in style with a new bathing suit and regardless of your body type, be fierce and fearless and opt for the bikini and love your body with confidence. 

Fashion tip: Accessorize your look your look by adding a long necklace, a flash body tattoo, or an arm-cuff.

#2: Take a staycation

Already used up all of your vacation days? No worries. Take a staycation at home. Sneak out of the office early and hit up a cool tourist attraction in your city that you've never been to. If you're looking to splurge a bit and really get the most out of your staycation, rent a hotel room in your city and take full advantage of the pool, bar, and spa services.

If you want a more low-key staycation, run a bubble bath, pop some champagne, and light some candles. Then after you're done, go out side and lay on a blanket and star gaze while listening to your favorite music.

#3: Go dark for a weekend

This is probably the toughest of all three but would actually be the most fulfilling. Go offline for an entire weekend, which means no social media (I think I would die without Instagram), cell phones, iPads, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, etc.

Find the beauty in connecting in-real-life with people and having in-person conversations. And perhaps, gasp!, you could even read a book or catch up on your magazines. If I can muster up the strength to go completely dark for a weekend, I would definitely write in my journal. What would you do during your offline time?

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Photographed by Joseph Francis