3 Beauty Secrets Every Healthy Girls Knows

Hi lovelies,

I wanted to let you guys in on three massive beauty secrets that every healthy girl is trying right now!

From taking the initiative to understanding your skincare, products, ingredients, and its progress to rubbing out your sore muscles with some CBD salve, get in on the newest beauty and health crazes. 

Plus, especially with all of the heat happening here on the West Coast, keeping my skin glowing without being greasy is super important, and I share how to get that matte yet glowing skin this summer for all skin shades!

#1: HiMirror Mini: Your beauty bestie

HiMirror Mini, your virtual beauty and health consultant featuring the Amazon Alexa-Enabled feature. The HiMirror Mini ($119) is a revolutionary approach to daily beauty offering in-depth, personalized skincare analysis based on the evolving condition of your skin.

The HiMirror Mini comes on a table-stand with a USB charging outlet at the base, making it portable and easy to set up. Additional features are the brand new touchscreen capabilities, a camera cover to ensure ultimate user privacy and Amazon Alexa-enabled skills. It also offers an advanced design of gorgeous LED lights, as well as adjustable warmth and brightness settings for any occasion.

Features: HiMirror Amazon Alexa Enabled HiMirror Mini is compatible with the Amazon’s Alexa, for those with a Prime Account, to widen your horizons and create limitless possibilities with more advanced Alexa commands.

HiMirror Innovative Skin Analysis Engine HiMirror is capable of assessing your skin's condition including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores in order to take early measures to improve your skin.

The Skin Analysis Engine can also detect weather conditions to help you prepare your look, and provides a skin care tip of the day for users to take advantage of. Track your skin daily and set a skincare goal—this will provide goal-driven tips for you to follow as well! Smart Ambient Makeup Light HiMirror Mini comes with an innovative design of gorgeous LED lights which allows users to adjust brightness and warmth freely, as well as magnification, to help apply your makeup for any event.

Virtual Beauty Box- one second smart management of all your skincare products The world's first intelligent skincare “Beauty Box” allows you to manage your existing products and maximize their effectiveness. Track specific products and how they are affecting your skin, with access to skin analysis comparisons. The “Beauty Box” will also alert you of product expiration dates as well as provide product suggestions based on weather, personal profile and continued skin analysis results.

HiMirror Mini.jpg

Lastly, this feature allows you to find products within SkinSafe, Amazon and the HiMirror database. One Stop Entertainment HiMirror is your one stop shop to connect with friends and stream your favorite music and videos. The Mini allows users to stream Spotify, watch YouTube videos, and log into Instagram and Facebook, all in one easy swipe. You can also check the weather to help you prep your look, as well as catch up on the latest news and happenings around the world.

SkinSafe Integration Through the SkinSAFE database, a skincare-centric platform that provides in-depth brand and product information, HiMirror Mini will provide users a comprehensive outline of product Media Contact: himedia@himirror.com 2 ingredients and allergens upon scanning the barcode of any beauty or personal care product(s).

*Information courtesy of HiMirror Mini

#2: bareMinerals: A powder for every face 

One of my beauty secrets is that no look is complete until you put on your finishing powder. bareMinerals offers one of my favorites in their Mineral Veil Finishing Powder. 

Get the beauty scoop below on how to reduce oil and shine without losing your summer glow. 

With four sheer finishes to choose from, MINERAL VEIL® Finishing Powder is the cult-favorite translucent setting powder your makeup routine needs. This ultra-fine mineral powder blurs the look of pores and fine lines to give you a soft-focus, instantly airbrushed finish. The weightless, never-cakey formula helps makeup wear longer, with no flashback in photos so your skin looks insta-perfect every time!


ORIGINAL: Translucent, soft-matte finish
FULL OF: Blurring minerals and oil-absorbing cornstarch
TINTED: Translucent soft-matte finish with a hint of sheer, warm tint. Ideal for tan to deep skin tones.
FULL OF: Blurring minerals and oil-absorbing cornstarch
ILLUMINATING: Translucent, luminous glow
FULL OF: Blurring and luminizing minerals, oil-absorbing cornstarch
HYDRATING: Translucent, soft-focus finish with a hint of natural luminosity
FULL OF: Blurring minerals plus encapsulated water and rice lipids for hydration

* Information is courtesy of bareMinerals® and is always 100% cruelty-free

#3: Botanika Life: Cure your pain with this salve

As a runner, I definitely needed something to help heal my achy and sore muscles after my runs. Luckily for me, there's Botanika Life CBD Salve. I like to soak in a warm bath and then rub my muscles after with the salve to reduce aches and pains.

Hope you’re doing well—but even better than well is GREAT, and that’s what we’re after. I loved reading your articles on your interest in medical marijuana and I was curious to see if you have gotten the chance to try aid in CBD.


Botanika Life is changing the face of CBD by using pure CBD isolate with a dynamic collection of all-natural, THC-free CBD products—topical and for consumption—that are non-habit forming, non-psychoactive and perfectly safe for all members of the family. Our CBD products are accessible, dynamic and optimal for daily routines. Each product is FDA and DSHEA compliant, made with the highest quality formulation and designed for complete balance of body and mind.  

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*Information courtesy of Botanika Life

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