Waist Train Like a Boss with HourGlass Angel

 Photo credit - @chrissyteigen

 Photo credit - @chrissyteigen

Hi lovelies,

I finally caved in and decided to try waist-training. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, would it really work? Would my organs be all out of whack? But when celebs with enviable bodies yet down-to-earth personalities like Chrissy Teigen give it there blessing, I thought, why not try it?

And I'm glad I did. I had a 2-week vacation to Spain and Portugal coming up and I needed to get bikini ready and fast. I opted for the Amia Active Band from HourGlass Angel in blue. The Amia Active Band allows you to safely waist-train while working out. This was the best choice for me because it motivated me to workout as much as possible and it optimized my workouts.

After a few weeks of working out, primarily cardio with running outside, the elliptical, and the treadmill, with the Amia Active Band, I noticed a visible difference in my tummy. The middle part seemed firmer and the sides slimmer. 

I even packed my waist-trainer with me on my holiday and wore it while working out abroad.  Just like Chrissy, I'm know hooked! Check out below for the skinny on waist-training.

What exactly is waist training and how do you try it safely? 

Ruben Soto, CEO of HourglassAngel.com goes through the trend
step by step:

1) What's involved?

Waist training, by definition, is the practice of wearing a corset or waist cincher regularly to instantly slim your waist, while also supplementing a fitness goal of reducing your natural waist size. Some women choose to do it only when working out, because many styles like the Amia Active Band are designed to increase perspiration and maximize any physical activity. Others wear a waist trainer for long hours every day like the Amia Classic Cincher. The more you wear it, the more dramatic the results.

2) How do you start?

If you're not sure how to use a waist trainer, it's best to start gradually and work your way up a little each day. For example, start with an hour the first day, two hours the next day and so on. You can also break up the time into smaller increments over the course of a day. Ideally for the best results you'll want to wear your trainer ten to twelve hours a day.

3) What are the benefits?

Results vary from person to person, but waist training has several benefits. The biggest one: you get an instant hourglass shape the second you put it on. It's also a great complement for a healthy lifestyle that can help you feel confident and keep you motivated with your diet and fitness. Another big one: many waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in your core, so you sweat harder during runs, workouts and other exercises. In other words, you get more from your workout, with less effort!

4) Is it a replacement for fitness?

No! We absolutely recommend waist training as a complement to healthy diet and exercise. While a waist trainer can help you instantly look slimmer and help keep you motivated, you won't see lasting results without a healthy lifestyle.

5) How long do results take?

It depends on several factors including how much you wear it, your lifestyle changes and the shape of your figure when you start. If you wear a waist trainer as part of a dramatic lifestyle change, you are going to see results fast. If you are already fit and simply want to enhance your figure, your results won't be as pronounced.

6) Do you have to keep it up to maintain results?

Yes. Remember, waist training is part of a lifestyle. If you stopped eating healthy food and exercising, you wouldn't maintain your body's shape. The same goes for a waist training regimen.

7) If you stop waist training, how long will it take for your body to return to the way it was?

Again, your body requires maintenance if you want to retain a certain shape—with diet, exercise and waist training. How long it takes depends on a lot of factors, like how much your body has transitioned and how long you've been doing waist training.

8) How do you pick the right waist trainer?

We recommend starting with the basics: an everyday cincher and a workout waist trainer. Be sure to follow our sizing charts. Most waist trainers feel very snug at first, but your body becomes accustomed to it very quickly. However, wearing a waist trainer should never be painful or restrict your breathing – if it does, take it off immediately and consider another size. For the best results, you want a waist trainer that fits well and is made with quality material.

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