New Year Must-Have: intelliAmor Screen Protector

Hi lovelies,

I hope your New Year is off to a great start. I rang mine in on the West Coast, but I also shared the excitement and cheer with my friends and family, from all over the country and beyond through timely tweets, filtered Instagram posts, viral Persicope videos, a ton of texts, and too many memes to name. 

In 2016, it’s never been more apparent that the digital era has officially hit its prime. Thus, as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, the one thing that I never leave home without, even more so than my favorite lip gloss, mascara, and a touch a peach-raspberry blush, is my cell phone. It is truly my digital best friend and it carries everything from my invaluable contact list, my must-have apps, precious photos and videos, and more. 

Luckily for me, I discovered intelliAmor in the New Year. It’s a clear cell phone protection screen that allows me to carry around and use my cell phone without worry about cracking, scratching, or breaking my screen. Since cell phones are one of the most important accessories in the digital age, it would only make sense to protect my digital best friend with the best. I love that its clear, smooth, and almost undetectable, but I always know that it’s there, protecting what I hold most dear.

Plus, my mom has finally learned how to FaceTime and since we talk a few times a day, this has completely changed the game in how we communicate now that we can see each other and the technology behind my intelliAmor screen cover doesn’t compromise the integrity of the picture or the video quality. 

Another reason why I trust my digital sidekick to intelliAmor is because it’s super light weight, slim, and easy –to-apply.

I was able to add the screen protector myself without any of those unattractive bubbles forming on my screen. I can take videos, pics, and selfies on-the-go without worrying that’ll I ruin my screen. 

Want your very own intelliAmor screen protector? Then comment below or comment on Instagram for your chance to win!

*Although this is a sponsored post by Tomoson and intelliAmor, all opinions are my own.

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