Swagbucks: The new way to save, earn, and shop

Hi lovelies,

With summer wedding and baby shower season in full swing, it can get tiresome on a single gal’s purse strings to keep up with all of the gifts, flights, hotels, and rental cars fees!

So of course, I’m looking for fun and fab ways to treat my friends to awesome wedding and baby gifts without breaking my personal bank.

Luckily for me, I have Swagbucks to help me do just that. Swagbucks is one of the web’s leading rewards program platforms. It helps millions of users earn free gift cards to top retailers in fun, easy ways online. You get to do what you already do online and save cash on cool items.

When start shopping at Swagbucks, you collect points (called SB) that are good for free, new gifts cards that you can use to purchase additional items at other stores. Swagbucks Reward Stores works with over 140 brands that you can shop from including PayPal, Amazon.com, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and Walmart. So I can shop on Swagbucks for my friend’s baby shower gift and then use the points earned to redeem free gift cards that I can use to purchase my other friend’s wedding gift. It’s a 2-for-1 where I can shop and save and snag some cool gifts for my friends.

Tips for making the most of your bank on Swagbucks and why you should sign up:

* Join their 15 million users to date that are enjoying their free gift cards and rewards.

* You must shop online in order to earn points toward your free gift cards. Purchases must be made on Swagbucks.com. Go here to sign-up.

* Start shopping from the Reward Store which features over 140 retail brands to shop and choose from and then cash in your points for free gift cards.

* Each store’s policy may differ, so be sure to read their special terms for specific details.

* You can still make returns, so feel free to shop without the guilt.

* Swagbucks has already awarded over $95,000,000 in gift cards and rewards – so don’t miss out on yours!

Additional ways to earn points is to take online surveys. I like to do this when taking a break from blogging and while catching up on my reality shows. You can then use those points earned to redeem from gift cards and start splurging on gifts for yourself or your friends and family. Some of my favorite retailers include Gypsy Warrior, Target, philosophy, Pacsun, and Groupon.

So start earning free gift cards today and don’t forget to refer friends to earn even more points.