How to style a Goode Rider Tech Vest: Layer up.

Hi lovelies,

One of my favorite ways to rock my outfits during the spring and fall months is to layer up. It's chilly in the morning, hot and warm during the day, and then back to being cool at night, so the best way to keep up is to have layers that you can take on and take off depending on the ever-changing temperature.

Luckily for me I scored a Tech Down Vest from Goode Rider and it is an essential piece in my spring and fall wardrobe as I pile on the layers.

Check out below on how I layer up my latest look with the Tech Down Vest from Goode Rider in Navy Blue, the vest is just $179. 

  • Tech Down Vest from Goode Rider
  • Tank top
  • Vintage tee
  • Plaid button-up
  • Denim cut-offs
  • Black tights

Black Hunter Boots