Get Your Man Back: An exclusive interview with author Chase Stonebridge

Hi lovelies,

Luckily for us single gals Valentine's Day is far behind us. Although, I must admit, that even though I'm quasi-recently single, I had a wonderful time on V-Day this year. I went on a first date with a guy that works at the National Geographic, got Spanish tapas, sparkling sangria, and heard about crazy stories of adventures from filming in the wilderness. Then I met up with my favorite and most special Valentines of all, my friends. 

However, it can be a time when we reflect on love lost and start cyber-stalking our exes. Thanks to Google, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, text messages, and more, our exes are truly never left in the past. Well, if your ex is worth getting back, then they don't necessarily need to stay in the past and you can easily win him back and have him in your arms before the next Valentine's Day rolls around. 

If you want to know the simple secrets to getting your man back, then read below for my interview with Chase Stonebridge, dating coach and author of Get Your Man Back, a breakthrough three-step system to help women get their ex-boyfriends back - as long as they are worth it. Grab your copy here, comment below with any questions or tweet @CandyWashington.

Hi Chase, I'm so excited to chat with you and I'm sure my lady readers are as excited as I am, especially with Valentine's Day having just come and gone. Tell us, what was the inspiration behind your book, Get Your Man Back?
It got to the point where I had so much information from bartending and life in general, that I was basically forced make sense of it all and create something to help women. Otherwise, I would feel as though I was doing a disservice to the women that I came across by not sharing my knowledge with them.

I've been through the ups and the downs of relationships, and everything in-between. Through life experience and thorough research, I have discovered the triggers, the signs, the basic rules of dating and getting your man back.

After hearing so many women's stories,  I was able to create a system that would help women get their ex-boyfriends back, but only if he is worth it. The coolest part of about my final product, the book, is that women were not only gaining confidence but it was empowering them for future boyfriends, relationships, and the day-to-day basic interactions with men. 

Do your guy friends feel as though you have broken your 'Bro Code'?
Personally, I'm not crossing anyone. I actually think the antithesis of that is being done.  Essentially what I am writing actually has NOTHING to do with the guy in the first place. Just his state of mind. This is ALL about the woman from the inside out. Guys don't talk to each other with the awareness of, "if she does this one specific thing, I'm gonna get back with her." It's not like that. 

What was the most surprising thing you found out about both men and women while researching the book?
I think that in the beginning stages of research when I was separately interviewing recently broken up men and women, it really opened my eyes as to how eager the women were to keep the connection going with their exes. They needed a string to dangle from. Almost every single woman had to have some sort of tab on him, otherwise she thought that he would just forget about her.

This concept is something that I talk about in great detail in the book, the counterintuitive state of that moment, ending a relationship with a guy but still wanting to have a connection to him. I received over 200 testimonials from women thanking me JUST FOR that portion of the book. That realization of how important the time right after a break up is, really opened my eyes. 

Let's get a bit personal, what is your craziest break-up story? And did you end up getting back together with her?
For me, one of the more outlandish stories I had was getting out of a two year relationship. Lilly (her name for the story) and I were best friends for a very long time before we started dating which usually is a pretty good rule of thumb that something is headed in the right direction.

However, as time passed, we started growing apart is I had to travel more for work. She began thinking that there was another woman involved because we were communicating less because I was in the road. Of course, there never was anyone else. That being said, the way I viewed her started to change over time and eventually I suggested that we take a break.

After three weeks of bickering, arguing, and two broken lamps, we finally decided to give each other some space. I don't want to give too much away, but the way that she handled herself after that drove me crazy in the best way possible and we ended up back together for a long period of time until we amicably decided to see other people. I talk about it in the book. 

What can you reveal to my readers about how to get their ex back without giving too much away?
Without giving away the secrets or even going into the three-step system, one piece of advice for a recently heartbroken woman would be to realize YOU ARE SINGLE. Until you come to terms with this, at least for the time being, you will never be able to fully move on. Your insecurity will subconsciously hold you back until the moment when you can wake up and look in the mirror and say, "I'm single, I'm sexy, and I am a hell of a catch. Let's get this day started!" That's actually when you start getting him back...

Where can we go to buy your book and connect with you?
You can download your copy here. You also will get tips and secrets every week sent to your inbox.