Making Money Without Losing Your Integrity

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I recently wrote an article on Insights for Launching Your Own Site, so I figured the logical follow-up would be to share some key strategies to making money off of the content that you create. Making money and losing sight of your creativity and integrity do not have to go hand-in-hand. The trick is to implement a few key tips and tricks while staying true to yourself.

Money-making Strategy #1: Affiliate links

Partnering with brands and companies that offer affiliate programs is a great way to earn some extra income. Commission-based affiliate programs works in a way that if one of your readers clicks on a link on your site and then purchases a product from your affiliate partner, then you make a percentage of the sale.

There is also click-through affiliate programs (my personal favorite kind) that pay you if a reader simply clicks on an affiliate link on your site. My recommended affiliate programs are: ShopSense by ShopStyleAmazon Associates, and Cityblis.

Money-making Strategy #2: Sponsored posts

Once you have your site up and going and start garnering some traction, brands and publicists may start to approach you to post articles, ones that you write, or an advertorial, an article that they write, for you to post on your site for a fee. The trick here is to have in place a pricing structure – do you charge per word? Per image? Will you also share on your social channels? How much is that worth?

But remember, it’s best to partner with brands and companies that you actually know, trust, and would use yourself. It’s not worth that extra income to lose the trust of your readers to push brands just for the sake of pushing them. You want your readers to respect your voice, taste, and style. Also be sure to be transparent that the post is a sponsored post.

Money-making Strategy #3: Consulting

One tip I learned while attending the Independent Fashion Blogger and Crossroads From Closet to Career Conference is the power of the reverse pitch. If brands and publicists are pitching their products and services for you to post on your site but you can identity new and better ways for the brands to market themselves, then pitch them on hiring you as a marketing, styling, and/or digital consultant. Brands are willing to shell out the big bucks if you can add value to their marketing efforts.

The true beauty about all of these money-making strategies is that YOU are in control. You make your own schedule and you decide which brands, products, and services to publish and promote on your site. Stay true to your brand and your readers will stay true to you.

For more money-making tips and tricks follow @candywashington and if you found any of these strategies of value be sure to share with your friends and comment below! What are you going to start doing today to start making more money?

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