Tea with Candy: How to dress up jeans and rock denim

Hi lovelies,

Ever wonder how to dress up a pair of jeans? I reveal 4 easy ways to stay chic and professional at work or out-on-the-town while rocking your denim.

How to dress up jeans and rock your denim

Dress up tip #1: Rock your denim with heels.
It automatically takes your outfit from casual to chic while elongating your legs.

candy washington_jeans_heels

Dress up tip #2: Rock your denim with a blazer.
When you wear a blazer it makes any outfit a bit more polished and professional. A tailored blazer is best.


candy washington_jeans_blazer

Dress up tip #3: Rock your denim with a tucked-in button-up shirt and a leather belt.
Lisa Vanderpump from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules rocks this look the best. Opt for solid colored button-up shirt tucked in and with a wide belt. My favorite look is a white or pastel shirt (green, blue, or pink) with a chocolate brown leather belt.

candy washington_jeans_button up_lisa vanderpump

Dress up tip #4: Rock a statement necklace with your jeans.
The best way to jazz up any outfit is with a signature standout piece of jewelry and when it comes to casual denim the best way to add a touch of sophistication is with a statement necklace.

candy washington_jeans_statement necklace

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