Designer spotlight: Maureen Vorswijk of Mauke V Jewelry

Hi lovelies,

I had the pleasure of interviewing Maureen Vorswijk, the designer behind Mauke V jewelry. Read on for her insights on her collection, why she doesn't care about fashion trends, and the inspiration behind her designs.

Candy Washington: What's the inspiration behind your jewelry line?

Maureen Vorswijk: The challenge to create timeless and unique pieces for women which will make them feel feminime, strong and confident when they wear my pieces, and the challenge to reach that goal without going with the masses by staying true to myself when designing.

CW: What are some of your favorite pieces?

MV: Difficult question I love them all. If I have to choose it will be Choker Alter Ego choker and Cuff, Earring Play it Rough, choker Brocante and choker Viking.

CW: What are some trends in accessories and jewelry for 2014?

MV: Honestly I don't follow trends most of the time, my experience is that it brings confusion and that has an impact on my creativity. So I don't really know what the trends are for 2014.



My top selections from Mauke V:

My Alter-Ego Collection

The collection My Alter-Ego tells a story about a woman who show one version of herself but when looking in her eyes you might be able to see that there is something about her, there is so much more. Imagine you are the one who uncover her secret and find the other version(s) of herself, her Alter-Ego(s) which is asking for a voice.

Choker Raven

Cuff Dominique Brass

Choker Brocante

Afrik & Silver Collection

The Afrik & Silver Collection incorporates all my experiences in life. Memories of my childhood, family, my trips to Suriname and Nigeria played a major role during the designing process.

Brass Ring