Fashionable regrets: The little white lace dress

Hi lovelies,

I'm in mourning. And no, I'm not talking about the kind when you reach down into your bag of BBQ Lay's potato chips and realize that you've already eaten the last one while binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I'm talking about the type of mourning when you realize that you've missed your golden opportunity to buy that dress, bag, top, or bottom, that you feel in love with at the store but talked yourself out of buying it for whatever reason.

For me, that was the other day while I was at the Beverly Center and popped into Forever 21, don't judge me, they have some pretty trendy pieces that compliment my investment items, and as a fashionista that's on a budget, mixing 'the high' with 'the low' is my middle name. Did I mention that the Anja Rubik is the face of their new fall campaign? But I digress, I found this white lace bodycon dress that was to die for – think Herve Leger's coveted bandage dresses, so I swung the dress over my arm and proceeded to the fitting rooms. Once inside I squeezed into the dress and it fit like a glove, but was a bit snugger and a bit shorter than my usual style. “Sex kitten Candy?” I wasn't sure I was comfortable with that title. 

So I talked myself out of buying the Herve Leger-esque dress that fit me to a tee and walked out of the store empty-handed. Flash-forward to tonight where I'm invited out for cocktails at a swanky club in West Hollywood and I'm franticly looking through my closet – boho-chic tops, leggings, sequins galore, denim cut-offs, but nothing even remotely resembling the look I need to make my mark tonight. I've already worn all of my go-to going out dresses and they have been too heavily documented on Instagram for a repeat wear. 

So alas, I sit here, mourning the outfit that could have been: my white lace  bodycon dress paired with my red pumps and a gold clutch with a smokey eye and nude lips. Sigh. The worst part? The only person I have to blame is myself, just like when I've eaten that last Lay's potato chip. So let me know, when have you regretted talking yourself out of making that golden purchase?