New York Fashion Week Survival Guide


With the Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week right around the corner, I thought it was only right if I provided you with my ultimate Survival Guide for NY Fashion Week.

Read below for my top tips and don’t forget to comment below and tweet @candywashington letting me know about your experiences.

Have your +1 BFF in place

The only thing better than attending the after and pre-parties and runway shows, is watching in awe of the new collections, sipping champers, and snapping selfies with your fashion-partner-in-crime. Hands down, the secret weapon of surviving Fashion Week is having a bestie to share the experience.

Smartphone and charger

It’s a Twitter and Instagram world, so make sure that your phone has the technical capabilities to tweet and post pictures and videos in-real time from the shows. Be sure to have your charger with you in case you run out of juice. Vine and Snapchat are others savvy platforms to share your fashionable content.


A killer pair of heels and a killer pair of flats

Unless you’re only going for one show or party, then be sure to pack your comfiest, yet cute, pair of ballet flats for when you’re running from show to show, downtime when you’re not in front of the camera, and waiting in the long lines to get to the shows. 


Survival toiletries:

·      Altoids and hand sanitizer – so you can meet and greet in confidence

·      Coconut Water – it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t burn out

·      Lipgloss so your smile is all you need to flash to get through the velvet ropes

·      Notebook and paper – call me old-fashioned, but sometimes you just need to write your notes down


Your statement outfit

During Fashion Week you can always bet on black. But it’s also the perfect occasion to be a bit daring in your ensemble – sequins, feathers, leather, sheer, and next-big-thing are all welcome. But the trick here is that whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence and rock it.