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Tetley Tea Creates a Fashionably New Blend


Tetley Tea recently launched its unique new Black & Green blend, a brilliant blend that brings the goodness of green tea and the flavor of black tea together in one cup! In conjunction with the launch, they commissioned the Simply Brilliant Survey to look at the state of brilliance in America today.

The survey asked Americans what they thought were the most brilliant beauty-related innovations in recent history and here’s what they found:

  • 27% think that hair transplants are the most brilliant recent innovations, followed by push-up bras with 16% of the vote, Spanx with 14% and electrolysis with 14%
  • More women than men (20% vs. 8%) think that Spanx is the most brilliant
  • More men than women (18% vs. 13%) feel that push-up bras are the most brilliant invention

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