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Beauty Scoop: Darcel Laurie


Darcel Laurie is a motives cosmetics beauty consultant and was first introduced to the cosmetic line by TV Personality Lala Anthony herself! Darcel participated in the Fan Appreciation episode of Lala's Full Court Life.  She holds the title, MakeupbyDar since her services include makeup application, skin consultations, customizing foundations and product sales. If you love makeup and shopping for the best deals, both of her websites have something for you: motives4beauty.net and shop4savings.net

Darcel's talents doesn't stop there! She is a soon to be published author in 2014, currently writes for livelifenice.com and a Spokesperson for Aliyah Seven wine company. If you would like to take a step into DarcelWorld, then you can visit her blog darcelworld.tumblr.com

Darcel is a rising star! If you have any needs regarding motives cosmetics or wanting her to write for your site; she can be found Twitter and Instagram with the name @DarcelWorld. 


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