My Interview with Beauty Expert Jamie Krell: Create a girls night at Home and hit the town

I love hanging with my friends, gabbing about boys, our careers, closets, and the latest episode of Scandal. So luckily I got to catch up with Jamie Krell (see below for her awesome bio) on how to take my girls night experience to the next level.

Quick tips:

 Raid Your Kitchen Cabinet – Everyone should have Apple cider, baking soda, and green tea bags with Honey! How to tighten up, help with breakouts, and keep skin clear all within your kitchen. Have a spa night in with your girls and get clearer skin.

A Kicker without The Liquor-  You’ve got a little downtime with the girls. How about some mocktails? No need to drink all of calories before you head out for the night.

More about Jamie

The at-home spa day is quickly becoming a go-to for celebs and the everyday woman as a way to beautify in the comfort of home. Jamie Krell has teamed with Good Earth Tea to help you learn how to capture the beautiful celeb glow while relaxing with your friends at the casa.

Jamie’s been seen on nearly every network as a fashion and style expert. She began her work with the the costume designer of Friends and quickly moved on to E! and the Style Network. Regular appearances include The TODAY Show, The View, The Talk, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood.