EVENT SCOOP: Styld.by with NYLON + Gap

Jenn Rogien, costume designer for HBO's Girls and Netflix's Orange is the New Black and Rachel Wang, fashion market director for NYLON


I swung by the Styld.by event with NYLON + Gap for some yummy ginger beer cocktails, rockin' tunes by DJ Leslie Kirchhoff, racks of the latest denim and fall fashion finds from Gap, a complimentary issue of NYLON with cover girl Alexa Chung, and an awesome Q&A with Jenn Rogien, costumer director of GIRLS and Orange is the New Black moderated by Rachel Wang, the fashion market director for NYLON magazine.

Top insights from Jenn:

  • She loves having fun with clothes - mix and match the high with the low for unique looks and outfits
  • She uses costumes to tell a story and bring a character to life - every outfit starts with the script
  • To take your fashion career to the next level take any and all jobs (she worked for years costume designing for off-off Broadway and community theaters before breaking into TV) - and always be on time
  • Her time spent working in corporate America was invaluable. It taught how to work on team, how to collaborate, and how to be structured
  • She loves all of the characters that she dresses - the moment you judge a character you get paralyzed on how to bring them to life through costume in new and interesting ways  
  • Denim: it's all about finding the right wash and the right fit for your body. It's iconic and can be dressed up or down and used as the foundation of any outfit. TIP: Take in a ton of different sizes in the fitting room, sizes may vary from to fit to fit when it comes to denim