Exclusive Interview with Olympic Hopeful & Snowboarder Jamie Anderson

Can’t hit the slopes this winter, or score a ticket to the 2014 Winter Olympics? Let professional snowboarder and Olympic hopeful Jamie Anderson school you in the art of snowboard slopestyle, a new sport making its debut in Sochi and in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U. Fans of Mario and Sonic can team up or face off as their favorite characters in the new Wii U game, which re-creates realistic Olympic events such as curling, skiing, figure skating and snowboard slopestyle. Players also can perform moves not possible in real life, such as the Winter Sports Champion Race, a mixed event that combines skiing, snowboarding, skating and bobsleigh in a single event.


JAMIE ANDERSON – is a professional slopestyle snowboarder, six-time X Games medalist, and Olympic hopeful. She is one of, if not the, top-ranked female snowboard slopestyle riders. One of eight siblings, Anderson grew up with Nintendo, making her an expert at friendly competition – on and off the slopes.