Brooklyn designer: Renee Frances Jewelry

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Handmade in Brooklyn by designer Renee Kopec, Renee Frances Jewelry is an exquisite new collection of edgy, nature-inspired pieces.  Utterly unique and eye-catching, Renee's necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are made from silver, brass, gold or gold-plated metals and range in price from $90 and $550.

A life-long traveler, Renee’s collections are heavily inspired by her personal experiences and items she has collected during her travels. She often casts found objects as a starting point. Once Renee has worked with the cast materials, the final piece always retains an essential organic quality even when it doesn't immediately reassemble the original object.

Renee’s creative process is intuitive and allows an element of surprise. Rather than a fixed blueprint or drafted design, the pieces in her collections grow from a loose idea and evolve naturally.

The University of Pennsylvania graduate has also studied jewelry-making at several schools in New York City as well as at the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia.

Renee Frances Jewelry is currently available at select boutiques in New York (ANNA, Red Threads, Pipsqueak Chapeau and Thistle & Clover), Pennsylvania (Topstitch) and Massachusetts (Rapt Boutique) as well as on