Exclusive interview with Ms. Drama from VH1's Gossip Game


While attending the #Untamed event hosted by Mercedes-Benz, I had the pleasure of running into Ms. Drama herself from VH1's The Gossip Game. Always looking glam and fab, the tell-it-like-it-is entertainment journalist shares with me how she landed her gig on the show, what's next for the media maven, advice for aspiring journalists, and the behinds-the-scenes scoop on all of the drama.

Candy Washington: How did you get your start on dishing the latest scoop, drama, and celebrity news on your site, Ms. Drama TV?

Ms. Drama: Well, I've always had plenty to say on hot topics when I was doing my radio shows and in conversation, so I felt it only made sense to find a hub to extend that conversation online and on a platform I controlled. Hence, Ms. Drama TV. 

Also, in my journey as a media personality, I found that I was emerged within pop culture, so creating the site helped me to keep that momentum going.

Plus there were others who were using my content (via my online interviews and videos) to garner attention and hits and so I felt moved to create my own way to offer such exclusives and to report on entertainment news and gossip.

CW: What are some of the challenges you face as a journalist in the entertainment industry? How did you overcome them?

MD: I find that challenges never cease in any career you diligently pursue, but in my specific field - I found it difficult to conform to the "group mindset" or participate in a clique, especially when they're quick to judge you based on your affiliation and how you may be of value to their pursuits. 

I've never been a fan of working with someone solely off of how they can help me or complete my vision, but rather on how we can mutually help -- and learn from one another. 

I overcame such challenges by staying true to myself, not compromising my beliefs - or vision, for a quick come-up. I learned to treat people well even with they decided to look down on me. I learned how to stand up for myself when one dared to discredit me or what I have accomplished.

In essence, I learned how to stayed strong, stay true, and refused to be intimidated by any adversary. I became unmovable in my pursuits.


CW: You were definitely one of my favorites to watch on The Gossip Game on VH1, how did you get cast for the part?

MD: Thank you. 

Interestingly enough, this opportunity was offered to me. I went into a meeting not knowing fully what I was meeting about. It ended up being a meeting with the network on the show, and possibly placing me as one of the cast members. I actually thought I was there to interview or talk to the cast, but instead was being considered for the role.

Mona, and network producers apparently were excited about my personality and what I would bring to the show, so it was only a week after that I received a contract confirming me to the slot.

CW: What are some of your most memorable moments from the show? 

MD: My revealing party, my speech, my trajectory on the show - and of course they way I defended myself.

CW: Do you keep in touch with any of the other women from the show?

MD: I haven't talked to any of them in a while, but I still hear from Kim Osorio, Kay Foxx and Steph Lova on the occasion. Those are the three that I would say I am still connect with from the show.


CW: What advice do you have other aspiring entertainment journalists?

MD: Stay true to yourself, don't compromise your beliefs or vision for a quick come-up, and be persistent and consistent.

CW: What's one of your craziest celebrity encounters?

MD: Interviewing The Dream when he was drunk. lol. You can check out that interview on msdramatv.com or on my youtube.com/msdramatv

CW: What's something about Ms Drama that only my readers can find out here?

MD: Well I have a couple of things in works for my professional career, but one of my personal visions is to help children with disabilities, so you will see me get more involved with that in the upcoming months.

CW: Where else can we go for more information on you?

MD: My website: msdramatv.com

It was sad to see how those girls came together to to attack and defame me, but in essence their true colors of deception and insecurity shone through.

My social media: @msdrama IG: @msdramatv

Plus I am launching a new luxury review website in 2014 called the Luxury News Network - so stay tuned.

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