Entertainment scoop: Spotlight on LA talent manager Johnny "Showstopper" Webster

Johnny "Showstopper" Webster is the must-have manager from NY to LA! Lucky for me I've known him since his NYC days and scored an exclusive interview with the manager extraordinaire at New Wave Entertainment. Read below for the entertainment scoop on Johnny.

 Candy Washington: You are living the fab life in LA! What is a typical day in the life of Johnny Showstopper Webster?

Johnny Showstopper Webster: Gosh, a typical day in the life of the Showstopper, I usually go for a run before work, get into the office and start chasing the dream and living the nightmare. Haha. Everyday is very different. I could be in the office, pitching and submitting clients for TV/Film opportunities, or in and out of meeting with potential clients – actors looking for rep, or I’m meeting or going to lunch or coffee’s with agents, publicists, casting building new relationships. Mostly I’m doing everything I can to get my clients out on auditions. And of course, I get home late, have some wine and watch hours of TV. And that’s before and after a dinner that could be anywhere from 2-3 hours. I never miss my TV nights.

CW: We met back in your NY days, what are some of the things you miss the most about the East Coast?

JSW: I miss NYC all the time. I miss being able to walk out my door and just explore. I miss Strand bookstore. I miss Union Square a lot. I would spend hours there from seeing a movie, to grabbing coffee or lunch or reading at Strand or sitting in the park and listening to music. I miss the subway rides reading and listening to music.

CW: You're the "talent manager obsessed with TV" - what have some of your most memorable moments of your rising career so far?

JSW: I would have to say the most memorable is booking my first pilot. Just a week ago one of my clients booked her first pilot and this was her first pilot booking and mine as well. So we were both excited and over the moon. Our first pilot. So exciting.

But for me, anytime my clients book a job is exciting for me because I love them tremendously and root for them everyday so when they get to fulfill the smallest of dreams it gives me immense joy.

CW: Who are some of your clients and what are they currently working on?

JSW: Some of my clients are Vanessa Simmons from MTV’s Runs House and Daddy’s Girls is currently pregnant and about to shoot a reality pilot for VH-1 as well as participating in the ABC Showcase in addition to shooting her very first lead in new web series Sam, Frank & Florence, Craig Parker from Spartacus and Lord of the Rings will be on NCIS:LA on Tuesday and upcoming episode of Sleepy Hollow, Jaina Lee Ortiz just booked the lead in the Amazon pilot The After written by Chris Carter, Raney Branch has a fun role on CW’s The Originals, Roxana Brusso who is currently recurring on ABC’s Betrayal. I also represent Ashlynn Yennie from Human Centipede fame and has a movie Schism premiering this week at Scream Fest and three other movies coming out next year one with Katie Cassidy, Michelle Tractenberg and Eliza Dushku called The Scribbler. Another client Rebecca Dayan’s movie starring Bryan Greenberg A Short History of Decay premiering at Hampton Film Festival.

CW: What are your favorite TV shows and characters?

JSW: Too many to list but my FAVORITE of all time right now is Pretty Little Liars. I am obsessed. I also love The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Sleepy Hollow, Modern Family, Revenge, The Good Wife, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team on CMT so much. I love it.

One of my favorite characters is Cam from Modern Family. We are both incredibly dramatic and over the top and I love it and him.

CW: Tell me about the Half Marathon in Disneyland and your stylish tutu? How can we donate?

JSW: Awww Tinker Bell Half Marathon is this amazing invite that happens every year where hundreds of people run a half marathon around Disneyland. We raise money to help fight blood cancels for LLS which is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It such a great cause as it affects more people than you can possibly imagine.

You can donate by going to http://pages.teamintraining.org/los/tinkerb14/jwebstewdd

And the best part is being able to finally run in my tutu ;)

CW: What is something about Johnny Showstopper Webster that we can only find out here?

JSW: I’m such an open book that you can find anything about me on any of my social media sites. Haha.

CW: Any entertainment insider tips, tricks, and secret you can spill to my readers?

JSW: Consistency. If you can remain consistent in your goals and dream you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. As someone who manages actors of all levels, sometimes just following up can make the difference. Having a great brand – pictures, style, reel is vital. Whether you want to be an actor, writer, director. Just being consistent in your brand is vital. You are a brand whether you know it or not. So make sure your brand is visible to everyone but make sure it’s the brand you want people to say because things change overnight and you never know when so you gotta be ready ;)

CW: What's next for you? And where can we go for more information on all things Johnny?

JSW: Sleep, hopefully. I rarely get any these days. Haha. Maybe a vacation. I do miss NYC.

You can find me on Facebook at Johnny Showstopper Webster, on Instagram at JustJohnnyB1tch and Twitter @JustJohnnyTV.

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