Qi & Noise 784 proudly presents during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Ainsley NY

You know its fashion week in New York when the bevy of babes on the subway are actually a flock of models with endless legs and owl-shaped eyes. You also know its fashion week when you start getting inundated with invites to the shows and the fun of filtering through the clutter to get find the fashion gems begins.

Fashion label Ainsley NY was able to break through the noise as a stand-out brand with a must-see show. Since fashion week no longer takes place at Bryant Park brands have to get creative and think outside of the box to stake their claim during these coveted seven days. Ainsley's fashion presentation took place at Exit Art, the perfect venue for the ethereal aesthetic of the collection.

I was first introduced to the brand this past January at the fashion trade shows at the Chelsea Piers (read my recap here.)

in case you missed it) by my new fashion partner-in-crime Kosi Harris, a fashion-insider who reps the label. I immediately feel in love with the line – the Ainsley girl is a care-free, whimsical, insouciant free-spirit, need I say more? Ainsley's strategy to attract the crème de la crème of the fashion industry was to release teaser videos weeks leading up to the show. The videos were reflective of the Ainsley girl and in alignment with the theme of the show,

Walk the gemstone healing path to awaken your inner power.

Sneak Peek: Ainsley Fall 2012 Collection

Black Feather Wishes: Ainsley Fall 2012 Part II

Energy Path: Ainsley Fall 2012 Part III

The day of the show was worth the wait. There was a massive screen with streaming video and three sections where the models wore the new fall/winter collection. In the first section the models were walking on stones and gems, in the second section the models were drumming drums, and in the third section the models were on propped up on ladders.

The collection was peppered with skirts, blouses, sweaters, and dresses in varying fabrications such as silk, mohair, distressed leather, and suede. My favorite look was the pow wow drum – an asymmetrical blue and gold marled yarn sweater paired with a copper with brushed gold leather trouser pant.

And no show is complete without a celeb sighting. Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run and niece of entertainment industry mogul Russell Simmons, and star of MTV's “Daddy's Girls”.

I can't wait to see what Ainsley will pull off in September when the stampede of leggy models comes back to town for spring/summer fashion week.

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